Me: A videogame executive; executive coach; and leadership, culture, and management consultant, currently working in London and spending the weekends in this most West of Midlands.  In senior development roles I’ve produced and directed the PC action/strategy game, ‘Hostile Waters’ and the PS2 first-person shooter, ‘Cold Winter’, both collaborations with Warren Ellis; the deeply sensitive political commentary, ’50cent: Blood on the Sand’; the epic ‘Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising’; in a 3rd party capacity for Activison/Blizzard, ‘James Bond: Blood Stone‘ and ‘GoldenEye 007‘. As Vice President for Codemasters, I led the development studio responsible for DiRT: Showdown; GRID2GRID: Autosport; launched Codemasters’ racenet platform; and helped developed the underlying release strategy and subsequent prototype of DiRT: Rally.

In 2002, I was one of the founders and directors of Swordfish Studios, a Birmingham based independent developer which was acquired by Vivendi Games in 2005.

I currently have the privilege of running the development of CSR Racing 2 for iOS and Android, leading the stellar team we’ve assembled in central London with partners across the globe.

These days I’m particularly focussed on the dynamics that underpin exceptional creative and technology enterprises, leading to critically and commercially successful products. I believe that creating an Independent Thinking Culture, filled with talented, motivated, Emotionally Intelligent developers, aligned with a clear Purpose & Mission, and a Coaching-Led management approach, is the fastest route to exceptional product and highly engaged teams.

I am a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute; accredited and registered with the British Psychological Society in the use of Ability and Personality psychometric tests including NEO PI-REQ-i and EQ 360; a trained Executive Coach and Thinking Environment and Clean Facilitator.

When not making or playing computer games, I have a passion for books, comics and boardgames; am a keen triathlete, mountaineer, and snowboarder; have a secret fascination with card magic, mentalism, and psychic entertainment; and enjoy my photography.

The blog: julianwiddows.com is my personal weblog and landing page. I don’t update it often these days. You’ll find archives of old development articles and posts, as well as more recent posts which will have a strong bias towards leadership, coaching, culture, and team development.

Note that the opinions expressed on this site are entirely personal and in no way affiliated to my employers, development partners, or work colleagues.

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Maxim November 23, 2015 at 3:29 am


A few years ago I bumped into an article:
It just so happened, that Hostile Waters is my most favourite game ever. I love it for about 14 years already and play it at times. First, I would like to thank you, for making this game real. And the second thing, is this multiplayer patch you were talking about in the article.
Do you still have it? If not, do you by any chance know can anybody convice the current copyright holder to sell or finally release it for the fans? I am really longing to try it out, cause mp is the only thing, that this game lacks. In all other aspects – it’s a gem. I mean it.

Thank you very much in advance!
Best regards,


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