NEW! The Rules – Rule #2 – Don’t cross the streams – a piece about creative cleanliness during ideation and project design

5 Minute Fix: Meetings – an article all about meeting best-practice

The Rules – Rule #1 – a small piece detailed a rule for developers ‘Don’t slag other people’s games off’

Evernote – an overview of Evernote, the superb local and cloud based note-taking and storage solution.

Inbox Zero – an article about using the GTD methodology to keep your Inbox under control and tasks prioritised and tracked

Review: The Art of Game Design – a review of Jesse Schell’s excellent ‘The Art of Game Design’

Investment in Character and the Mystery Box – an opinion piece that ended up on Gamasutra about character in film and videogames, inspired by a J.J.Abrams TED lecture

Maskenball der kafer – about boardgames and collaborative play with children

The 10 Million Euro Gift – an article about ideation, concept and pre-production practices in the games industry

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