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by admin on May 3, 2016


I’ve been off-grid for about half a decade now, absorbed in a frantic (read exciting) period of professional growth, game development, and raising a young family. facebook has seen a little action; I’ve flirted with my paramour instagram from time-to-time; but largely off-grid.

Game Development: Following my time at Activision I spent three years running the Codemasters Southam Racing Studio, joining NaturalMotion about two years ago to grow and lead the CSR Racing 2 studio. I’m hugely proud of the amazing team we have in Central London and the global partners we’re collaborating with on the game – a truly best-of-breed enterprise – we’ll be talking more about this in-time. If you’re ambitious, talented and want to join us, drop me an email and we can talk.

Professional Development: This year I finally completed two mid-term goals being the C.M.I. Chartered Fellow accreditation, as well as he B.P.S. Psychometric Test User qualifications. A few other bits of C.P.D. are ongoing and should be complete this year. More on this in due course.

“Hello” if you’ve stumbled across this untended corner of the internet by accident – you were probably looking for the darknet and took a wrong turn.

Sincere apologies to those of you I haven’t spoken to in a whole.

If you need me I can be contacted here.

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