by julianwiddows on July 14, 2011

Right now: I’m sitting here in the local hospital. My wife and I are caring for son #2 as he fights some blood bug that slipped into our lives on Sunday and shafted his immune system on Tuesday. We’re here until the bloods come back. They grow cultures with some of the, frankly unreasonable, amount of blood they’ve drawn. The nurse described the broad spectrum antibiotics they’re automating into him as medical Domestos. Strong.

Things have moved on. Bedside TV services pump out Pixar movies every two hours, we have a landline. The upside of quarantine is a private side-room. Jobs and Ive’s tablet has everything he needs from interactive books to games to movies to Internet access. It wowed me day-one and I love it more today.

For me, there is SVK from Warren Ellis and Berg London. I’ll write more about this in due course. I’d say go fetch but you can’t right now as it’s sold out in double-quick time. Check in with Berg to see when they’re going to reprint, because it really is a thing of great wonder. I devoured it and look forward to re-devouring tonight, in a darkened room. Track it down and you’ll know what I mean.

In the meantime, I hope your blood remains free of bugs. Onwards and merrily upwards.

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